Monday, June 23, 2008

Custom paipo bike rack

Since i am a proud father of two beautifull daughters (2 year-old and 6 week old) my surfing schedule changed a bit :D
I go to the beach now when i have the time now (doesn't matter how big/small the waves are really) and since that is mostly in the weekend when the girls are having their afternoon sleep, i needed something more speedy to get to the beach then the 3 wheel transport-bike (i don't own a car) i normally use.

So i went totally a-team/mcguiver and upgraded my mountainbike to a paipo carrying machine. Behold the result :D


luna1 said...

Wow, fantastic idea. When I was a teenager and lived a distance from the beach I would carry my kneeboard under one arm as I rode my Honda 50 stepthhru motorbike. A bit dangerous now when I think about it. It's amazing what we can do just to get to those waves.

Where did that board come from? I don't recall seeing it before.


Eef said...

Hello Luna!


The board is a wooden skimboard i bought a long time ago and redecorated it. On the belly is a skull-and-dagger pirate painting.


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