Monday, August 25, 2008


The shapers meeting Swayholland turned out to be great! More than 10 shapers showed up with their boards, and there were all sorts: longboards quads, fishes, singlefins, bellyboards, hollow wooden boards etc. etc. The level of crafmanship seems to be very high in Holland, too :D We waves were nice too, so after some coffees averybody got in the water and had some waves. Kind of special: at one point all the boards in the water were made by their riders.

I went there with my two new bellyboards,and they worked great (faaaaaaaaaast) :D

You can see the full Swaylocks thread with pictures HERE


luna1 said...

Sounds like it was a fantastic weekend. Great to hear that your boards surfed really well.

How did the "fish" fish handle?

Eef said...

It went great! The krustboard was faster (flat but with more flex) but pearled faster went i wasn't paying attention :D
It was the first time i surfed these long and narrow boards, and i think that at the moment i like 'm more than short wide ones.


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