Friday, October 24, 2008

Prone longboarding: a new movement?

Ever sice i read somewhere about bellyboards longer than 7 feet i became cusious, and rather happy at the same time. I rember how much fun it was to ly down at my 10 ft longboard in tiny waves when i was learning to surf.

When i was browsing the net the other day i found some old posts about Proneman bellyboarding BIG boards, up to 10 ft and more, and him owning a 8.8 ft paipo.

I see possibilities here for our dutch summer waves :D

So i dug in the shed and found my old and battered 7.3 standup thruster, a board that i always found difficult to ride standing up, cause it is rather thin and narrow. Sounds great for a prone longboard! I'm thinking about getting the two sidefins off, and only leaving the trailer fin, so it gets more loose but still tracks. This is the board:

i'll keep you posted!

nice discussion on prone longboarding:
The Proneman flies on Swaylocks

see the board:
Proneman's El Grande Paipo

or this one:
Aleutan Juice, made to go straight and FAST

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