Monday, December 1, 2008

It went down like THIS :)

The opening of the paipo expo last saturday went very nice! Quite some people turned up, and the Gallery looked like a surfshop :D

Since the idea behind the expo was to inspire people to recycle and care for the planet themselves we set up a table with a bunch of books on the subject as well.

For all you people that can't go there to see the expo, here are some visuals of the whole thing:

Little movieclip by Eef:

Pictures by Eef:

Pictures by Ruben:

Pictures by Alja:

I got quite some questions like: "can you really surf on a board made out of plywood?" so here is some footage of Tynuz of the crew (thanks to Lau for the filming) getting his first ever waves on a paipo:

The board:

The action:

1 comment:

luna1 said...

I'm happy to hear it was a great success. It looks fantastic! Its amazing to see all the boards in one place. That was an excellent idea, Eef - both the idea of paipo as art (which they are!) and also using art/surfing to educate people on the benefits of recycling.



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