Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I went surfing with Jochem last saturday: the water was still cold (4C / 39F) but there were nice waves in the 4-5 ft range and there wasn't much wind.
The sun was out so i decided to take my trusty waterproof camera and try to capture what it was like to be in the water that day.

With my camera it's pretty hard to see what you shoot exactly, so it's always a surpise what you get :D

Got the pictures back from the store yesteray and the came out great: some brutal f*ckups (fingers in front of the lens) and other were much better than expected.

Here they are in all there rough & uncut glory :D


Ian said...

I tell you what- I like the rough unhewn water shots-a far better reflection of the session than a glossy surfermag spread.I used to surf the Irish Sea in winter off the Lleyn peninsular in Wales-looks similar!!Keep it up mate

Anonymous said...

Het zit er weer erg cool uit, je bent toch een echt die hard, als het weer warmer wordt, wil ik zeker weer mee!

marco said...

it's me Marco!

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