Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Finless Surfari

Sunday a week ago the weather was really nice and since there was a HUGE swell of about 1 ft. i packed the cargo bike and rolled to the beach.
We have a big nature reserve near the coast around here, and you are only welcome walking or on a bicycle. No engine noise, and a lovely bike-ride to the beach.

There is a nice spot where i used to go, but never surfed. So after a nice ride and then a walk i was greeted by a tiny but clean swell, and i got some nice bellyrides.

I went double-finless this time: no fins on my boards, and no fins on my feet (i have a foot injury that won't go away :(
So i went oldskool UK bellyboard style, and did some practice for the Belly Worldchamps. The timing without fins is a lot more precise, i can tell you :D

I shot some footage of my mini-backyard surfari, but if you're only into fast paced action packed surffilms, this might not be for you :D

Finless Surfari from eef monsterboards on Vimeo.

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