Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Knee High Waves Eat Camera

Last sunday me and Jochem took the bikes and rolled to the beach, to investigate the rumours about the knee-high ripples that they promised.

And yes, no lie, there WERE some bitchin riples. Always remenber folks, it's never too small and it's always better than it looks.

We caught some nice tiny waves, too bad my trusty old waterproof started leaking and the saltwater ate my film, kind off.

Some shots though:

Jochem waiting for wave, Setwave :D, The swinfins are allriiiiiight!

me jumping into one oldskool style, trying the fins on with HUGE surf in the background, The polar Bear paipo testing the waters

happy man with self-made paipo, Jochem swims into tiny wave

me bellystiding, another setwave

Jochem on the paipo, waiting for more ripples

Jochem being patient and the pay-off

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