Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Magic Mushroom and some bellyboarding confessions

Tuesday was the last day of my holliday, so i did another early bike run to the beach. The weather was grey this time, with quite some wind. Promise of good waves though!

Since my shoulders were still a bit grumpy from the day before's paddling action, i decided to do some practice for the World Bellyboard champs and took a board i hadn't surfed before.

This is what i learned that day:

1. at least the Magic Mushroom works! Best placed under your belly with your head out over the front.

2. Jumping into waves in not easy: your timing has to be VERY precise.

3. When you jump too early you sink and the wave breaks on top of you.

4. You have too be GOOOOOOOOD to catch the unbroken bigger waves. These 60 year olds are going to bellyboard circles around me in september :D

5. When standing in water belly-button or chest deep, the moment you want to jump into the wave, the base of the wave sucks keeps you from jumping. Then the top breaks on your head :D

it was a bit of a reality-check but i DID get a few nice waves though!!

Here are some pics of my board of choice, the Magic Mushroom:

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