Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Waveski Wisdom

In addition to my how to make a waveski post some old pictures of how my own waveski build went down :D

I started with a huge old sailboard of about 12 ft in length and moved forward the finbox. I made kneewell so i could ride the ski kneeling down like on a kneeboard, so i had maximum upper body movement to maximize trim in small waves.

Well trim id did, catch waves too, but it turned slow. Had loads of fun though :D cause i could almost ride unbroken swell with this thing. Eskimorolling was impossible.

But Then the guy i got rides to the beach from got a new car (a van without roofracks) and the ski didn't fit in the car anymore, so i decided to reshape the BIG board ans make a shorter version of 8 ft. This is the version on the pictures below.

To keep a flat rocker for speed and to keep the rider position on the board the same i chopped of parts of the tail and nose, reshaped the nose and tail, added footwells and footstraps and added a seatpan. Some paint and voila, here it is!

The result was a shorter ski that needed slightly steeper waves, and i needed to paddle quite a bit harder on take-off. Less pearling though, and much better turning.
With the lower seating position, rolling worked, too!

Used this puppy for years and loved it! Now go make your own :D

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