Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Monsterboards Book of Surfing: First Chapter

I did a new front- and backcover for the Monsterboards book of surfing! The plan is to do some more editing and publish the stuff i have now as the First Chapter. I found a place on the net where i can just upload it and where you people can order it in print! Soon to come:


Matt said...

Are you using the site I sent or did you find something else? Out on the north side of Montauk today surfing a point break. Rode a 4'8" Casper and my paipo. So rare to surf point breaks around here for me. Most everything is beach break. Crazy swell happening here. I took a midnight train for 3 hours so I could surf out here in the morning. Now I'm on a bus heading back.

Eef said...

Hello Matt!

i'm going to! I need to sort some paypall stuff out first, but then i'm going to uploud it. Thanks for the sending me the link!

A 4.8 casper? Wow? Did you ride it as a standup? We only have beachbreak here, but ignorance is bliss in that case :D

ejoy the swell!!


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