Monday, August 17, 2009

Sun, sea, crafts and handplanes

Yesterday we participated in a crafts market on the boulevard at my local break. The weather was very sunny and there we great waves as well, so i took my fins and handboard and hit the shorebreak a few times.
Tested a board that i made ages ago for the first time, and it went great. Yihaaaaaaah!! The market went great as well.

green tea and view of the dunes

our marketstall with t-shirts, cards, little paintings, etc. etc.

i brought some handplanes also to show to the masses :)

i tested my babyskark handboard today, wich is made of an old skateboard deck turned upside down. I made a small block of wood and a windsurf footstrap as a handgrip.

bottom with teeth

side view

the concave, wich gives great hold in turns and seems to plane really good!

hand in handgrip:

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