Monday, September 7, 2009


Our little girls were spending the weekend with their grandparents (wich the all LOVE) so me and my wife went to amsterdam to visit a expo (Redon's painings) and do some shoping in Amsterdam together. We went to the american book centre and then it happened.... :D

We walked into this fantastic book by artist Mark Ryden, who paints about nature, trees and forest in a very touching way. We found a few paintings in the book that look just like our little girls. Realy amazing, like he came by to paint a portrait of them. I guess this book was meant for us :)

I love oldskool tattoos, so i HAD to get this one:

They have a large discount shelf, wich is pretty dangerous to go to. This is what we found:

Skating and streetart from the Far East

Dutch streetart

Sticker streetart

stencil streetart

German streetart

Choppers and tattoo's

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