Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Mexican Coffin

Since the Swaymeet and the surf i head that day, my head has been buzzing with ideas for new boards, and this is the plan: a brightly mexico-style painted coffin lid that is long and wide, made out of ply and other wood, meant to catch the big waves that break out the back. Construction will start shortly:


schildpad said...

Hoooi skipper, wouldn't it be better to streamline the board, or you are putting knife holders on the side against troublesome companian surfers and cameramen.
Can't wait to see the result

Eef said...

Hellooooo Schildpad.

Streamlining is not really needed: the rails are so thin that the "hips" of the coffin won't cause much drag.
The hips work as a pivot point / fin as well when it is turned over the rail, just like the old pig longboards. At least, that's the idea :D

i don't think knife-holders will be needed when they hear the things is made out of wood :D


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