Monday, October 19, 2009

Dutch Bodyboard Tour final

Last saturday was the final stop for the Dutch Bodyboard Tour. The forcasts were looking pretty big, so i awaited the day with a mix of anticipation and fear :D
It's always great to meet all the other guys and get inspired by all the amazing stuuf they're pulling, but i'm not so comforatble in waves that are steep and have some size :)

The waves proved to show up and i got my 20 minutes of fame in heat 3. I made it out to the line up and after lots of pulling back i finally dropped in to a few waves. I found out that there is quite some room for improvement, so i am going back for more soon.

Thanks everybody for a great day and Richard for the pictures. These are the first i see of myself surfing :D

entering the water for my heat

dive! dive!

always keep an eye at sea :D

paddling against the current:

too slow:

closeout :D


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hee de foto's zien er cool uit, leuk hoor, waren best wel hoge golfjes dat je er toch ene paar gepakt hebt...en someday the last will be first hahaha

had je al je winter pak aan?

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