Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bikeride to Sea

To get to the beach is for me a 11 mile bikeride, and because it's a pretty awesome ride i thought i shoot some pictures and share it with you :)
My favourite time to roll to the beach for a surf is early in the morning, because everything seems to be only half awake by then.

The first half of the ride is through farmland. I guess this is what most people in the world think Holland looks like: green, flat, and some sheep and cows

and look, there is even a windmill there in the background.

The second half of the ride is throug a forest, wich has awesome colours in autumn

trees make me really happy!

is this a lovely road or what

and then: my homebreak

see that tiny shorebreak peeler? Now where are my swimfins and handplane....


Jamie Watson said...

This post made me smile. I loved seeing the way to your homebreak.

luna1 said...

Kia ora Eef,
A beautiful trip you have to check the surf. I just get to walk past houses to get to my local beach.
Life is good, only working one day a week at the moment. Wonderful! Weather is really freaky - very hot one day, bitterly cold the next. But some really beautiful glassy morning surfs. Must get busy making some new boards - maybe a bit longer paipo and an alaia for knee riding.

Anonymous said...

so cool. or cold ;) love your work Mr Monster. more please.

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