Monday, February 1, 2010


after the omniphobe performance i was pretty pumped, so last weekend i went to the music store to see if i could get a good and affordable microphone, so we could record out jams in a better quality. And i found one: the Blue Snowball, wich looks like well, a snowball :D

It not only did look great, but it was supposed to record really nice, and best of all the label said: usb-microfone, plug in and chill out. No software installation needed. Just my cup of tea so i bought it.
We used it sunday night for the first time and we are really happy about the sound qaulity, and, it DOES work like it said on the box. Plug and chill out, thank you Blue people!

Hopefully i have the recording online somewhere tomorrow.

Here it is, doesn't it look gorgeous?

And just when i was about to leave the store i saw this: the Behringer compressor/sustainer which on the box promises to deliver "Endless Sustain". Who wouldn't want that? So i HAD to buy it, too. Didn't test it yet, so stay tuned.

This is what Endless Sustain looks like:

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