Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Monster Drone

recorded a new drone-piece yesterday wich i really like!! Check out experiment x4, i hope you like it too. You need some bass in your system to enjoy it to the fullest. The more you turn it up, the better it seems to get...

The drone is made out of four layers of A notes and cords.

for the geeks:

i tried a new recording setup this time: i set up the mic directly in front of one of the speakers in the 4x10 cabinet. You get a more full-frequency this way and less environmental noise. I don't record directly from the amp because i want to capture the building feedback that you only get with a guitar and a peaker :)
By placing the mic directly in front of the speaker i can play at lesser volume too, wich is great because my soundcave is a the back of a barbershop that is open till 18.00 pm :D

The guitar is a Les Paul tuned down to drop A, with a lot of gain, and for some of the layers an octave pedal.


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