Saturday, August 14, 2010


This morning me, Friso and Jochem went to our local and were greeted by offshore winds, sunshine and a perfect clean barreling shorebreak. Jochem and and i went out with the handplanes and soon Jochem rode his first barrels of the day. I was getting blasted by the closeouts mostly (wich was fun too) but after he gave me some tips about setting up for the barrel and the right line i got my FIRST BARREL OF MY LIFE!!!!! Didn't come out, but it was awesome, sooooooooooooo good! Everything they say about barrel riding is true, a real spiritual experience. Time slows down and sound stops. EPIC!!!! Words can't really tell.

Got a couple more later on. Thanks thanks thanks thanks!! I'm still buzzing :D

Thanks a lot Jochem, and Friso too, for all the stoke.

we shote some footage, which Jochem is going to dit into something nice and stokefull. Here is a little preview (just before the magic tips if i remeber correctly):


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