Saturday, August 21, 2010

IT'S ON!!!

You can now watch the filmfest including the Monsterboards Movie for four days HERE! We are so proud to be part of this!!! Enjoy!!


mamutopia said...

Joehoe, ik heb 'm nóg maar eens bekeken :D Ik vind de animaties echt super! De volgende stap is dus een surfanimatiefilm...

Steve Davies said...

Eef this is awesome! Korduroy Tv rocks and your film is fantastic.

Well deserved.


Billy-joe said...

I just watched your film Eef, it's awesome! I'm right there with you on the joy of small waves! I loved the bellyboard bit!

Great work!!!!


Eef said...

thanks all, glad you liked it!


Nathan Oldfield said...

Congrats Eef. I really enjoyed watching the Monsterboards Movie. I loved hearing your thoughts & overflowing joy & seeing the shot of you & your family with your quiver. Yew!

luna1 said...

Awesome film, Eef. I really enjoyed listening to your thoughts too and seeing your happy family.

Keep smiling!

Richard Jungschläger said...

cool filmpie! Tijd om ook de decoupeerzaag te voorschijn te toveren :)

ras said...

hi Eef. you enttry was fantastic. I love how much you love surfing. it's always inspiring. Thanks!

Eef said...

thanks a lot all, these coments mean a lot to me! great to hear that folks get some inspiration from my little world!


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