Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Monsterboards Movie

This is the result of the project that Matt and me have been working on. Matt sent me a camera and i shot some footage. Then the New York crew of Garrett, Richard and Matt made something out of it that really portaits what monsterboards/monstercult stands for!

The reaction to the movie has been unbelievable: we have been played at the boot at the Sacred Craft this year, and it is going to be played at the upcoming New York Surf Film Festival. Thanks everybody for all the stoke!!!!!

Monsterboards from Matthew McGregor-Mento on Vimeo.

thanks a lot Matt, for making this all happen. See you in NY for the New York Surf Festival!


Tim said...

Goeie film Eef!
Mooi gemaakt en vooral heel inspirerend!
En bovendien een goeie ambassadeur voor de Nederlandse surf scene in New York.
There are no bad waves!

Billy-joe said...

Baaie goeie film Eef! I totally relate to your small-wave philosophy!

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The Monsterboards Movie by Matthew McGregor-Mento and Eef

The Monsterboards Movie by Matthew McGregor-Mento and Eef
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