Monday, January 3, 2011

Newyears Surf, well kind of....

Last sunday (january 2nd) i had my delayed newyears surf and it was lovely! Cold, but lovely. Went for a bodysurf with the aid of my oversized skull handplane / mini paipo, several layers of rubber, two hoods, gloves, booties and a thick layer of vaceline cream on my face :)

The sun was out, the waves were a little bigger than i would prefer normally haha and they were steep and dumping. Couldn't get out in the beginning because i couldn't bring myself to duckdive, but when i was bowled over a few times and rinsed a little anyway the fun was back duckdiving skills too and i caught a few very nice ones.

Hope you all got a great newyears surf too!

1 comment:

harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

still life with shaka!
finally got my new year's surf on today. fun was had. i surfed by myself, the people around me weren't too happy about it.

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