Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Olde English Bellyboard

I completely forgot about it for some time, but some very inspirational surfing by Billyboarder Down Unda made me pick up my Original Surfboards bellyboard the other day. Boards like this get made in the UK for like 100 years now, and in mu humble opinion it's one of the most fun curfcraft around: works with or without fins, for straighlining in the whitewater, or tubehunting in hollow waves.

When i took mine to the beach some days ago i had forgotten my fins so i had to do without, and the waves were somewhere between ankle slappers and knee high, but VERY clean. So i first just went out for a (cold) swim, but when i saw these midget swell lines running and even some gnome tubes i had to run back to grab my bellyboard. The waves were not powerfull enough for bodysurfing, but with the bellysurfer i had some tiny cover ups. WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!

I recommend everybody to try one at least once.

below my bellyboard wich i got from Matt in NYC (we surfed it a Rockaway Beach and had the most fun of everybody in the water that day i guess), he got it from Sally Parkins (owner of Original Surfboard Company that makes 'm) in the UK so it made quite a roundtrip. Added some marker drawings to make it fit in with the other shed-dwelling monsters:

bellyboard 2

bellyboard 1

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The Monsterboards Movie by Matthew McGregor-Mento and Eef

The Monsterboards Movie by Matthew McGregor-Mento and Eef
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