Thursday, May 5, 2011

Daisy and the Jellyfish

yesterday i went to the beach with Daisy. She is now 4 and a half year old and loves to go to the beach. To collect shells, look for crabs and jellyfish and eat icecream ofcourse :)

The sea was still very cold so going for a swim was not an option, but since we had had offshore winds (and no waves) for a couple of weeks now, there were quite some beached jellyfish to see. Daisy got a good look at them and then asked me "do they still sting?". I answered that i didn't think that a dead jellyfish could sting. She thought about that and asked me why they were dead. I answered that a jellyfish could only live in the sea, just like a fish.
Then she took her little shovel and bucket and started to take the beached jellyfish and bring them back to the water. "I want them to be alive, dad" she said. I almost cried right there, so sweet! I was so proud of her! Little kids make me feel like there is still a lot of hope for humanity.

Daisy and one of the treasures she found at the beach:


1 comment:

luna1 said...


I remember when my daughter was that age and finding treasures at the beach. Now she lives in London. Ha, I am stilling finding treasures when I walk along the beach. Its good to keep that freshness of a young child and never truly grow up!

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