Sunday, June 19, 2011

Here's to new friends from overseas

some time ago i got an email from Greg from Oakland, USA who had seen the Monsterboards Movie at the Ocean Film Festival in San Francisco. He said that he and his wife would be in Holland in june and that he would love to go surfing. So we set a day that worked for both of us.

That day was last saturday: i met Greg, his wife Amy and their friend Deninne at the station of Alkmaar and we went for a coffee at our place. The nicest people you will ever meet! We all took the bus to Egmond aan Zee when it was still raining and at the beach we were greeted by strong onshore winds and 6 ft waves. Classic Dutch autumn conditions, only it was spring :D

We quickly changed into our wetties and the moment we entered the water the rain stopped and the sun broke through. We had a very nice session in some of the biggest waves i have seen here in some time! Thanks friends for an awesome day, and we hope to visit you in the future too!

Jochem shot some moving image, i'll keep you posted on that one.



luna1 said...

6 FOOT!! Sounds awesome. I'll be in Holland in a few weeks time, Eef. Staying with a friend in Amsterdam but looking around too. A surf would be cool - wasn't able to surf here at home all last summer due to polluted ocean after the earthquakes. Are you playing live music anytime in late July - August?
Leaving home tomorrow, heading to my daughter in London for 3 months. Yay!!!

Eef said...


we don't play live in the nest few months :(

But send me an email, we can try to organize something for a surf!


Matt said...

jealous.... :)

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