Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vote for the Monsterboards Movie at the Vancouver Festival of Ocean Films

you can vote for our movie (and watch it too) at the site of the Vancouver Festival of Ocean Films, so please do!

We are very honoured to be part of it!! I have had the pleasure to visit Vacncouver and Vancouver Island two times (we went surfing in Tofino) and the place and it's people are amazing!!

Here's how it works:

Click the link at the top that says "Click here to open the festival
microsite and watch the films."

Then click Monsterboards from the list of films.

If it says zero votes at the top of the page just reload the page a
few times. It should say 5 votes.

You can vote 5x by clicking the seal in the upper right 5x.

If you could make a post and send this around to friends (or folks
with blogs) that would be awesome.



1 comment:

supr said...

I voted!
And I sent you an email to the hotmail address.

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The Monsterboards Movie by Matthew McGregor-Mento and Eef

The Monsterboards Movie by Matthew McGregor-Mento and Eef
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