Friday, September 26, 2008

Save The Sharks

A plea to help save sharks in Costa Rica

Help us end illegal shark fishing in one of the last sanctuaries for sharks on earth. Cocos Island, featured in Sharkwater, is still under intense pressure from illegal fishing. The problem no longer lies in the lack of policy to protect the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the problem is a lack of enforcement. Sharks are still being finned because the is little public pressure to force the government into action.

Friends of mine have created a project that will combat the issue by educating Costa Ricans, particularly children. They plan on creating a permanent Cocos Island exhibit in San Jose, the nation's capital. This exhibit will educate Costa Ricans about the importance of sharks as apex predators, as well as the significance and beauty of their extremely remote national treasure. Cocos is a 36 hour boat ride from mainland, making it very difficult for anyone but the extremely wealthy to visit. People tend to only protect what they love and understand, and this exhibit can bring the beauty and value of Cocos to the people, creating public pressure.

This project is one of 25 being voted on by American Express cardholders. Only the most popular project will receive funding. Please join us in voting for this project. The contest is free, but we have only have a couple more days before the contest is over. For more information and to VOTE, go to this site: (

Kindest thanks,
Rob Stewart

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