Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saturday Winter Surf

I got to go to the beach today (saturday) wich got me pretty excited. Not because of the weather (grey, windy, cold) or the water temp (39F, same as the air temp), but because of the vague promise of waves and the fact that it was more than a month ago that i had a surf. Yiiihaaaaaaaaaaaa!

So i loaded up the cargo bike with all kinds of neoprene, surfmat, handboard, fins and pedalled the 10 miles to the beach. When i got there and checked the surf, there were WAVES!!!!! About hip / shoulder high and the wind was slightly offshore: aaaaaaaah how good is that!!

The waves looked very surfmattable so i wiggled in my wetsuit and all that and got in the water asap. The first waves in the face were.. eh.. not so warm but after that it was ok, and i got some nice waves before energy ran out (i need to get in shape!).

At one point when i tried to kick into a nice wave and it got me instead: the lip blasted me off the mat and took me along, hanging onto the mat. I managed to get onto the sideways surfing mat sea-ninja style, then wresteld the mat under me and got ahead off the foamball. That felt GOOOOOOOOOD :)

After this wave i went in for coffee and rolled home on the bike, which felt uphill all the way cause my legs seemed to have run out of energy.

A great morning that will got me fired up for WEEKS:)

i shot some pictures with my phone:

Dutch winter days, gotta love 'm:

The dunes, beach and yes WAVES:

Scuba Eef (me)

or is it a sea-ninja:

The tools:

Bike and xxl handboard:

post surf coffee and cake:

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