Saturday, July 4, 2009

catch-a-wave-on-the-monster-shortboard project II

Some time ago i posted that i rediscovered the monster shortboard i made 10+ years ago, and how i wanted to catch at least a few waves on it.

Well, yesteday i tried for the first time! The weather was great, and there were some pretty clean wavs in the 2 ft range so i took the boardto the beach. I went together with a friend who brought his surfmat.

At first it was VERY strange to lay on it, sit on it or even try to paddle it: it floats like a cork and felt very unstable. But after some time i felt a little more comfortable it and manage to paddle into a few waves. Didn't get to my feet though: because it is so short my feet were way out over the tail, and my head is almost at level with the nose of the board. There is a thin line between stalling and pearling.

After some more time i managed to stumble to my feet a few times, and after a bodysurfing break i got to my feet and surfed for a few seconds. Aaaaaaaah sweet SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!! Next time i am going to try again, but not after i remove the leash "plug" because i bang my feet on it every time.

Here are the data:

weight: not sure, but pretty HEAVY.

Dims: 4.7' x 25.6" x 3.6"

Here is a small clip of the board, don't miss the subtle rail curves and smooth glass and paint job :D

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