Tuesday, December 22, 2009


On Sunday the plan was to meet up with Arjan and some friends, visit the sea monsters art-expo and then have a surf (the wave forecasts were really nice!). But on sunday morning it not only froze but there fell quite some snow: the roads were blocked and the trains didn't come. So we had to meet another time :(

On monday the ice and snow started to melt a little and the waves should still be good so i decided to bike to the beach and have a surf. I was really happy that my cargo bike had 3 wheels because there was quite some ice and snow on the roads and bikelanes still. It started snowing at first, but before i was half-way it stopped snowing and the sun came out and all the ice and sliding made me feel like an explorer :D

When i arrived at the beach it was sunny, offshore and the waves at the outer sandbar looked like a few meters. Quite a paddle away, so i decided to surf a nice and peaky shorebreak. After wiggling into my suit and putting some vaseline on my face i grabbed my new handboards and ran to the beach.

Had some nice slides with the new boards: the big one planes really well and the channel works great for some hold while turning. The Double-headed monster made me feel like a double sworded sea ninja or something and they work nice too: i was a little afraid that i made them to big, but they swam and planed fine. YEAH!!!!

I loooooove bodysurfing: i feel like a part of the wave and can feel how the wave flexes and pushes my body. Fantastic!

my 3 wheeled-pedal-powered pickup-truck in the winter-wonderland

sea blades

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